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Ab Origine Finis

penDo they keep me here because I am dotty? Or is it because I know the secret? Or is it both? Yes, perhaps, for I both know the secret and am dotty enough to use it! What secret is that, you ask? Would you like to know it? (more…)


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An Allegory

Dremyth, the guard atop the Wyzard’s Tower, blew into his hands to warm them, then tucked them beneath his tunic. Winter is coming, he thought, looking out across the bare, open fields below the castle. I hate winter. I wish I could go somewhere where it’s always summer, or somewhere that doesn’t have ice and snow…

His wish was granted in a trice. Not through any magick on the part of the eponymous Wyzard—the latter was long gone with the end of the Age of Wyzardry, many centuries previous. Instead, Dremyth felt a powerful blow between his shoulder blades. (more…)

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The Song of Jorex


© 2008

My origins are obscure and not fully relevant to my story, for this message is not about me, but about Jorex, my creation.

Still, I shall tell you some of what I know of myself. My builders, extinct beings of whom I remember nothing, gave me a name: “ZORXOG34.”  I know not whether this had meaning beyond mere identification, but I was created for purposes of waging war. (more…)

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