Gratitude List

  1. Community college courses
  2. JIH, instructor
  3. Anne Wayman
  4. Groxy, mentor
  5. computers
  6. puzzles
  7. words
  8. Peggy
  9. Joe Tomasi
  10. mysteries
  11. libraries
  12. librarians
  13. movies
  14. books
  15. wood
  16. my Saturn
  17. my house
  18. WRH’s house
  19. swimming pools
  20. Silver Sneakers
  21. music
  22. my high school
  23. freedom
  24. retirement
  25. comics, esp. Dilbert
  26. my 22″ monitor
  27. my mom & dad
  28. old photographs
  29. the internet
  30. my Panasonic shaver
  31. Lois and what she created
  32. Ojai
  33. writing workshops
  34. experience
  35. polystyrene foam cups
  36. car clocks that work
  37. cheap cell phones
  38. A morning at Summerland
  39. hot water
  40. SCNA
  41. Open Office
  42. anonymity
  43. H3PO4 for my arthritis
  44. writer friends
  45. program friends
  46. Wayfarer’s Chapel
  47. St. Anthony’s Chapel
  48. health
  49. paper
  50. magnets
  51. mementos of my father
  52. mementos of my mother
  53. chess sets
  54. grass
  55. botanic gardens
  56. tea
  57. coffee houses
  58. restaurants
  59. plays
  60. long reach stapler
  61. nuts
  62. dark chocolate
  63. Christmas licorice
  64. marzipan
  65. See’s
  66. Chinese food
  67. my publisher
  68. superglue
  69. my Swiss Army knife
  70. Xacto knives
  71. my Mototool
  72. massage
  73. my doctors
  74. letter openers
  75. real letters
  76. fudge
  77. Celtic music
  78. Celtic art
  79. Art Nouveau
  80. Maxfield Parrish prints
  81. Salvador Dali
  82. Frank Lloyd Wright designs
  83. my paper cutter
  84. acrylic paints
  85. my color printer
  86. flip flops
  87. disposable paint brushes
  88. cordless mouses
  89. Skype
  90. Digital photography
  91. Incandescent lightbulbs
  92. DVD players
  93. astronomy
  94. fireworks
  95. art fairs
  96. woodworking tools
  97. pencils
  98. Pepcid
  99. fireplaces
  100. patriots, old and new
  101. interlibrary loan
  102. spellcheck
  103. free online dictionary
  104. garage door openers
  105. engineers
  106. antibiotics
  107. glass
  108. JRR Tolkien

The post entitled “Watcher in the Night” is an allegory for the alcoholic situation. For a more detailed discussion on this topic, see The Custodienne; Alcoholism’s Secret Cause

An Allegory

Dremyth, the guard atop the Wyzard’s Tower, blew into his hands to warm them, then tucked them beneath his tunic. Winter is coming, he thought, looking out across the bare, open fields below the castle. I hate winter. I wish I could go somewhere where it’s always summer, or somewhere that doesn’t have ice and snow…

His wish was granted in a trice. Not through any magick on the part of the eponymous Wyzard—the latter was long gone with the end of the Age of Wyzardry, many centuries previous. Instead, Dremyth felt a powerful blow between his shoulder blades. Continue Reading »

Stranded in Mexico

Stranded in Mexico

© 2008 Jorge Kafkazar

Worshipers of the bullfight are many, their ceremonies diverse. “Mano,” too, idolized the agility of the torero, his ability to find dangerous pleasure at the bull’s expense, then extract himself, unhurt, at the very last instant.  Mano celebrated this skill in his own way.

Since there were no “horns” worthy of his skill in the village, he would hitchhike into the City and mingle with the crowds to look for large busted women. Continue Reading »

The Song of Jorex


© 2008

My origins are obscure and not fully relevant to my story, for this message is not about me, but about Jorex, my creation.

Still, I shall tell you some of what I know of myself. My builders, extinct beings of whom I remember nothing, gave me a name: “ZORXOG34.”  I know not whether this had meaning beyond mere identification, but I was created for purposes of waging war. Continue Reading »


May, 1948

From “Evenings at Café Alekhine”

© 2008

Zudirk (he never gave us his surname) was approximately 60 years old, though he could have been a dissolute 45 or a well-maintained 75. He wore dark corduroy trousers, a sailor’s jacket, and an old fedora, summer and winter. His moustache was neatly trimmed on the first of each month and grew longer as the days passed, though controlled into handlebar form by M. Pinaud’s moustache wax, brown, in a silver tube. Continue Reading »

Greetings, gentlebeings

UPDATED 10-28-2012.

It is our sameness that draws us together. It is our differences that help us grow. It is respect that makes this possible. Of late, disrespect is epidemic. The language of discourse has become strident, insulting, and disputatious. To quote Jar-Jar Binks, “Howwude!” Logical argument has been abandoned; assertions are made with no sound basis. Statistics quoted are all too often equivocal or just plain falsehoods.

Let those who wish to grow come and visit Jorge Kafkazar’s Blög. Welcome. Please leave a comment on anything that resonates with you. But be polite.